Things I'm Sick Of...(and it isn't sex)



Women who say they "cured" their depression with diet and exercise...and therefore think everyone else's should be the same. (Seriously bugs me, especially because I eat well and exercise regularly...)

People who say really condescending things, while pretending they are being charitable...

Being indoors...

Mothers who bring their sick children to Nursery/Playgroup/My house/ Family parties...(And these also tend to be the people who are most melodramatic when their children get sick)

LDS women who refuse to say the word "Sex" and instead use "Procreation"...

Trying for hours and hours to get my youngest Little to go to sleep in the crib...or even just go to sleep...

Also, LDS women who don't like sex and expect me to agree with them... (I mean seriously I am perfectly aware I have my issues, but this is not one of them. Sex is amazing, God & Biology made it that way for a reason. And Birth Control lets me enjoy it for what it is even when we aren't actively "procreating". I could go on and on about this subject)

Being on a budget...(I am grateful we live within our means, but sometimes I wish I could just splurge)

And Lastly, people who feel the need to try and remind you of all the things you should be grateful for/force you to be positive about. I am intensely blessed. This I know. However, sometimes I feel the need to let out what sets me off, and I have every right to do so without you forcing me to quiet them.


  1. Oh' how I love you!!

    And love this post.

    I think we must be neighbors and just don't know it.

    Or twins.

    Other than the enjoying sex - I'm in 100% aggreement w/you. And if I could get over my "own issues" from past trauma in that area then maybe I could enjoy it. It isn't all bad. Just not tsomething that is top of my list.

    I recently told someone that told me to be 'more grateful and positive for what I have and my depressed state of mind would get so much better blah blah blah'...I told them something very not-so-christlike. Needless to say I'm sure they won't be telling me that again.


    I think I might just share this on my blog!!

    1. I <3 you...
      Understandable about the sex thing, nobody can fault you for that.