Where am I?

The great thing about the cyber world is that it is sooooo easy to disappear for a while. I didn't just disappear, I dropped off the face of the cyber-planet, I know.


But I did it for a reason.

I did it because I needed to make some changes. Big, Tough, Scary changes.
And do you know what Big, Tough, Scary changes did for me?
They helped.

They helped me find peace and joy.

They helped me cope on the days when absolutely NO peace and joy were in sight.

So why am I back here? Back talking to my proverbial shadow?

Well, there's 2 reasons really:

1) I went away because I, personally, needed to try some other mental health/venting exercises besides the blog....but when I did so, I deeply missed the input and charm and empathy of the wonderful people who somehow found me and joined me on this journey. If you are reading this, I missed you. I really, really did.

2) Much like a shadow, I will not ever be able to separate myself from this disease. It is a part of me. When I am standing in a place of light and knowledge is when I can see that most clearly.

So, I'm back. And though right now I desperately need to turn off the Olympics and just go to sleep, I promise I will come back soon and document all the BTSCs (Big, Tough, Scary Changes) I've been making.  But for now, if you want a feel-good, empowering moment, watch this:

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